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Talk Polari (Polari)

Talk nonsense Blether (Yorkshire)

Talk, conversation Jawjaw (Everybody)

Talking rubbish - literally 'breaking shit' Malu cachu (Wales)

Tampon Tammy (Everybody)

Tattoo on a woman's back just above the buttocks, often with a symmetrical "antler" or "winged" design. Arse Antlers (London)

Tattoo on a woman's shoulders or back just above the buttocks. Tramp Stamp (Everybody)

Tea (drink). Brew (Yorkshire)
'Let's sit down and 'ave a Brew.'

Telephone Blower (Everybody)
'Hang on, I'm just on the blower. '

Telephone Polari Pipe (Polari)
'Who's that on the Polari Pipe then?'

Television Telly (Everybody)
'What you watching on the telly?'

Ten pound note. Ten pounds. Tenner (Everybody)
'See this t-shirt? Only a tenner down the market.'

Ten shillings Ten bob (Cockney)

Term of address to male stranger Squire (London)
''Scuse me Squire, just coming through!'

Term of endearment Petal (Yorkshire)

Testicles Minerals (Cockney)

Testicles Jacobs (London)
'You are looking for a kick in the Jacobs'

Testicles Goolies (Everybody)
'Someone stamped on Sam's Goolies, ouch!!!'

The act of finishing a relationship or throwing something away. Heave Ho (The)
'Are you still going out with that bird? No, I gave her the heave ho.'

The act of going over on one's ankle. Cruckle (Manchester)

The act of kissing passionately, with tongues Tongue Hockey (School)
'They were playing tongue hockey behind the bike sheds'

The backside Jacksie (London)
'You can stick it up your Jacksie mate'

The backside. Arse (Street slang)

The breasts or nipples Lily Paps
'Lovely Lils'

The bulge in a man's trousers Basket

The coolest place to be Where it's at (Everybody)

The crack of the arse visible when someone bends over. Builder's Bum (Everybody)

The effect of alcohol that makes bad music seem good Beer Ears (Everybody)

The entire amount Shebang (Everybody)
'We got the whole shebang'

The entire amount; to strip one's clothing completely (esp. male) Full Monty (Everybody)

The feeling of being in dire need of defecation. Turtle's Head (Everybody)
'Gotta rush to the bog mate, I've got the turtle's head.'

The female genitalia Hairy Lasso (Street slang)

The highest price possible Top Dollar (Everybody)
'It's a nice car but I had to pay top dollar for it'

The highest price possible Top Whack (Everybody)
'It's a nice car but I had to pay top whack for it.'

The hole at the end of the knob. Jap's Eye (Everybody)

The male genitalia Meat and Two Veg (Street slang)

The male genitalia Wedding Tackle (Everybody)

The male genitalia Tackle (Everybody)

The most important person in an organisation Top Banana (Everybody)
'Careful what you say, he's the top banana round here'

The penis Wanger (Everybody)

The penis Willy (Everybody)

The penis Pork Sword (Everybody)

The penis; general insult (usually for a male) Prick (Everybody)

The Police Pigs
'Watch out, the Pigs are coming!'

The Police Muffin Men
'The muffin men are here again'

The police Bizzies (Liverpool)
'Watch out, the bizzies are coming!'

The sense which gay men (supposedly) have which enables them to tell if another person is gay Gaydar (Everybody)
'Ooh, look at him - my gaydar's twitching'

The vagina Front Bottom (Everybody)

The vagina Snatch (Everybody)

The very best Cat's Whiskers (Everybody)
'You look the cat's whiskers in that new suit.'

The way the world seems to always produce the worst outcome Sod's Law (Everybody)
'Just put my house on the market, and somebody's smashed my front window. Sod's law, innit?'

The worst thing possible. The Pits (Everybody)
'That film was the pits.'

There it is; QED; Bob’s Your Uncle (Everybody)

Thing Ting (Street slang)
'What tings did you get from the shop?'

Thousand pounds Grand (Everybody)

Timid Swaimish (Yorkshire)

Tired Whacked (Everybody)

To annoy Get On My Wick (Everybody)
'Those kids whining in the back seat, they're getting right on my wick'

To annoy Get On Your Tits (Everybody)
'That ticking clock is getting right on my tits.'

To annoy Dog Off (London)
'Where's that funny noise coming from? It's really dogging me off!'

To attack somebody with a glass, broken glass or bottle. Glassing (Everybody)
'He got glassed in the pub last night.'

To be caught red-handed. To be arrested or caught doing something that you know to be wrong. Bang to Rights (London)

To be completely useless. As Much Use as a Chocolate Fireguard (Everybody)

To be desperate for something (often sex) Gagging (Everybody)
'Look at that girl over there - I bet she's absolutely gagging for it!'

To be extremely thirsty Gasping (Everybody)
'Let's go for a pint, I'm gasping!'

To be foul-mouthed Potty-mouthed (Everybody)
'Stop swearing, you potty mouthed oaf!'

To be having one's period On the Rag (Everybody)
'Couldn't get my leg over last night - missus was on the rag.'

To be heading for a fight, or any kind of defeat or downfall. Cruising for a Bruising (Everybody)
'Watch what you're saying about my girlfriend mate, or you'll be cruising for a bruising.'

To be in dire need to defecate. Touching Cloth (Everybody)
'Gotta rush to the bog mate, I'm touching cloth!'

To be in prison Away (Everybody)

To be in prison Her Majesty’s Pleasure (Everybody)

To be in prison. Banged Up (London)
'He got banged up for two years for GBH.'

To be mildly annoyed. Miffed (Everybody)
'Waitrose have run out of my favourite tea. I'm really miffed about that!'

To be misled or mistaken. Barking up the Wrong Tree (Everybody)
'You think it was me that nicked your car? Sorry mate, you're barking up the wrong tree.'

To be on a major drinking session. On The Piss (Everybody)
'We was on the piss on from noon till closing time! What a great day!'

To be pregnant Bun in the Oven (Everybody)
'She's got a bun in the oven, when's it due?'

To be put in prison Put Away (Everybody)
'The judge has put him away for ten years.'

To be sacked or made redundant from work. Get Your P45 (Everybody)

To be slightly backward or mentally ill Sandwich Short of a Picnic (Everybody)

To be slightly insane. Screw Loose (Everybody)
'You're charging me £20 for that t-shirt? You've got a screw loose pal.'

To be slightly insane; slightly backward Shilling Short of a Pound (Everybody)

To be under the control of one's female partner/wife. Pussy Whipped (Everybody)
'He can't come to the pub tonight, he's pussy whipped.'

To be very drunk. Legless (Everybody)
'We got completely legless last night - what a great night!'

To be very frightened Shitting Bricks (Everybody)
'When those lads starting chasing me, I was shitting bricks'

To be very old One Foot in the Grave (Everybody)

To be very thirsty Spitting Feathers (Everybody)
'Let's go down the pub, I'm spitting feathers here!'

To be very tired; exhausted. Knackered (Everybody)
'You get on top, I'm knackered!'

To begin Kick In (Everybody)
'The drink's kicking in - let's have a party!'

To begin - especially a fight or argument Kick Off (Everybody)
'Don't go in that pub, it all kicked off in there last night'

To bet or gamble Flutter (Everybody)
'I'm going down the bookies for a flutter on the horses.'

To borrow Cadge (Yorkshire)
'Can I cadge a lift off you?'

To bring a situation to a close. Draw a Line Under It (Everybody)
'Andrew Mitchell should be allowed to draw a line under it and move on'

To carry a heavy object. Hump (Everybody)
'The furniture removers have been humping stuff about all morning.'

To claim for oneself. Bagsy (Everybody)
'Bagsy me go in the front seat!'

To commit suicide. Top Yourself (Everybody)
'I heard that Jimmy tried to top himself last week.'

To con, rip-off Diddle (Everybody)
'He's just diddled me out of ten pounds!'

To confuse Raddle (Liverpool)
'I'm Raddled today'

To crash a car Prang (Everybody)

To defecate Dump (Everybody)
'Just going off to take a dump'

To deliberately locate and start fights with people from the Pakistani community. Very offensive. Paki-Bashing (Everybody)

To die Kick the Bucket (Everybody)
'My Uncle Fred's just kicked the bucket'

To die Croak (Everybody)
'My Uncle Reg has just croaked'

To do something that is very wrong. Bang Out of Order (London)
'The way he spoke to me last night was bang out of order.'

To drink, especialy to have a first or single drink Wet Your Whistle (Everybody)

To drive a car slowly by the side of the road, looking for prostitutes. Kerb-Crawling (Everybody)

To drool Slobber (Everybody)
'That dog's slobbering all over the carpet!'

To eat, especially very quickly and greedily Troughing (Everybody)
'Look at that bloke at the buffet table, troughing away'

To eat, especially very quickly and greedily Pig Out (Everybody)
'We got to the Indian restaurant and totally pigged out'

To end, usually prematurely or unwillingly Kibosh (London)
'He's been banned from the boozer - that's put the kibosh on his drinking then.'

To engage in a heavy drinking session On the Razzle (Everybody)
'We went out on the razzle last Friday, got totally lashed!'

To engage in a heavy drinking session On the Lash (Everybody)
'We went out on the lash last Friday, got totally wasted!'

To falsely accuse/prosecute an innocent person for a crime Fit Up (Everybody)
'He got fitted up for that murder'

To fart Drop One (Everybody)
'Euww, who's dropped one?'

To fart Drop Your Guts (Everybody)
'Aw, who's dropped their guts?'

To feel another person's genitals Cop a Feel (Everybody)

To finish, to resign, to give up Jack In (Everybody)
'He's jacked in his job'

To flirt, using conversation Chat Up (Everybody)
'He chatted up this bird last Saturday.'

To get very upset or angry Throw a Wobbler (Everybody)
'I knocked his pint over, and he threw a right wobbler at me'

To go away Do One (Manchester)
'Do one, will you? '

To go crazy Go Ape (Everybody)

To go in public without wearing underpants. Go Commando
'It's so hot today, I'm going commando!'

To go round an empty bar, drinking the remains of other people's unfinished drinks Sharking (Everybody)

To have a lot of money Stacked

To have lots of money. Minted (Everybody)
'That Alan Sugar - he's well minted!'

To have one's flies undone Flying Low (Everybody)

To have one's flies undone Flying Without a Licence (Everybody)
'Careful pal, you're flying without a licence'

To have sex Buck (Irish)

To have sex Bonk (Everybody)

To have sex Roger (Everybody)
'I rogered my girlfriend last night.'

To have sex Shaft (Everybody)

To have sex in a public place with strangers Dogging (Everybody)
'There's a lay-by on the A24 where the dogging goes on every weekend.'

To have sex with Tumble (Everybody)
'He took a tumble with that lady from number 47.'

To have sex with. Bang (Everybody)

To have sexual intercourse. Screw (Everybody)

To have the first toilet visit of a session. Break the Seal (Everybody)

To inform against someone (normally to the police or authorities) Grass (Everybody)

To inform the authorities on someone. Snitch (Everybody)

To inform the police or authorities Nark (London)

To inject drugs Jack Up (Everybody)

To insult or bully a woman or girl for their (real or supposed) sexual proclivities or activities. When in fact what a woman does in the sack is nobody's business but her own. Slut Shaming (Everybody)

To like someone, romantically Fancy (Everybody)
'I really fancy that girl who works in Gregges.'

To live by sleeping temporarily in the homes of friends or relatives, moving frequently Sofa Surf (Everybody)

To look for or have sex in public places Cottage (Polari)

To lose one's temper; get angry Throw Your Toys out of the Pram (Everybody)
'All right - calm down, don't Throw Your Toys our of the Pram!'

To make a mess of. Bodge (Everybody)
'Those builders who built my extension have made a right bodge-job of it.'

To make a mistake, especially a large mistake Drop a Clanger (Everybody)

To make fun of Josh (Everybody)
'Don't mind me, I'm only joshing'

To make fun of Pull Your Plonker (London)
'Don't mind me, I'm only pulling your plonker mate'

To make fun of. To be ridiculous. Take the Piss (Everybody)
'£500 for that old banger? You're taking the piss mate.'

To make of. To act in a ridiculous or over-the-top way. Take the Mick (Everybody)

To make out with, to snog Get Off (Everybody)
'I got off with a boy last night.'

To make out, kiss passionately; French kiss Snog (Everybody)
'I saw you Snogging that girl last night'

To masturbate (female) Jill

To masturbate (female); Frig (Everybody)
'Frigging hell!'

To masturbate (male) Jack Off (Everybody)

To overhear, or listen in Earwig (Yorkshire)

To own up, to confess Fess (Street slang)
'Did you steal my mobile? Come on mate, fess up'

To perform cunnilingus Muff Dive (Everybody)

To persuade or lie to Kid On (Everybody)
'Doreen's never got herself pregnant has she? Tell me you're kidding me on!'

To play truant Bunk Off (School)
'History lessons are boring, let's bunk off this afternoon.'

To remove another person's trousers (bags) Debag (Public school)
'Jonquil got a debagging in the dormitory'

To roam the streets, normally looking for trade. Troll (Polari)

To rob; to obtain by deception Blag (Everybody)
'I blagged the password for my boss's email account!'

To rub against in a sexual way Frotting (Everybody)

To run away, especially from a crime or misdemeanour Leg It (Everybody)
'John went in the shop and nicked some sweets, but they saw him do it so we had to leg it'

To sell Flog (Everybody)
'He flogged it on eBay last week'

To shout or scream loudly, or protest very loudly. Screaming Blue Murder (Everybody)
'Last night, there was my next-door-neighbour, screaming blue murder at her hubby.'

To show off Stunting (Street slang)

To slap another person around the ears of with both hands Tangoed (School)

To speak, normally without saying anything meaningful Gabbing (Everybody)
'Those two women were standing there, gabbing away'

To stab with a knife. Shank (Street slang)
'I'm gonna shank you up!'

To start; to get going Get Weaving (Midlands)
'The night is young, let's get weaving'

To steal Nick (Everybody)
'That block just tried to Nick my wallet'

To steal Filch (London)
'He's just filched my mobile phone!'

To take a large mouthful of drink Chug (Everybody)
'I chugged back a big bottle of water'

To take money, especially without it being properly earned Trouser (Public school)

To talk at length, without saying much Waffle (Everybody)
'Stop waffling on and on'

To telephone Bell (Everybody)
'I'll give you a bell later.'

To throw up. Vom (School)
'He had so many Red Bull and voddies, he vommed in a wheelie bin.'

To understand Ken (Scotland)
'I'm not lending you any money - d'y'ken?'

To urinate Pee (Everybody)

To urinate Piddle (Everybody)

To urinate Wazz (Everybody)
'Just going for a quick wazz'

To urinate Wee (Everybody)

To urinate Widdle (Everybody)

To urinate Tinkle (Everybody)

To urinate Slash (Everybody)
'I'm going for a slash'

To urinate Sprinkle (Everybody)

To urinate (female only) Powder My Nose (Everybody)
'Just going to powder my nose'

To urinate (male only) Point Percy at the Porcelain (Everybody)

To walk unhurriedly, or aimlessly Pootle (Everybody)
'Let's take a pootle down to the shops.'

To walk, especially walk slowly Droog (Everybody)
'Let's go for a droog around the shops'

To walk, especially without any particular plan or direction Bimble (Everybody)
'Let's go for a bimble in the countryside'

To waste time, dawdle; to spend an inordinately long time getting ready to go out Faff (Everybody)
'I've been waiting half an hour to go out - why are you still faffing about?'

To whine or moan Whinge (Everybody)
'Shut up and stop whinging'

Tobacco Baccy (Everybody)

Toilet Carsey (London)
''Scuse me, just gotta pay a visit to the Khazi.'

Toilet Bog (Everybody)
'She's a long time on the bog.'

Toilet Khazi (Polari)

Toilet Netty (Scotland)
'Gannin tae the netty'

Toilet Shitter (Everybody)

Toilet paper Bog Roll (Everybody)

Toilet paper Bogroll (Everybody)

Tooth Pot (Polari)

Tough or aggressive person (especially male), or one who thinks he is tough or good at fighting Hard (Everybody)
'Think you're hard mate? Come outside and we'll see.'

Tourist Emmet (Cornwall)
'The town was overrun with Emmets today.'

Tracksuit. Trackie (Everybody)
'Look at you in your trackie-bottoms, going for a run are you?'

Tramp, homeless person Bootsie (London)
'You bootsie old tramp'

Tramp, homeless person Man of the Road (Everybody)

Trick, prank Marlock (Yorkshire)

Trouble, especially financial trouble. Bankruptcy Queer Street (Liverpool)

Trousers Strides (Street slang)

Trousers Strides (Everybody)
'Bought a nice new pair of Strides today'

Trousers Kaffies (Polari)

Trousers that are too short. Divorced His Ankles and Married His Knees (Everybody)

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