English to Slang letter S

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Sandwich Abnab (Liverpool)

Sandwich Butty (Everybody)

Sandwich Sarnie (Everybody)
'Going out for a few sarnies for my lunch.'

Sarcastic expression indicating tedium, ennui, or anything bad Deep Joy (Everybody)
'Got my first exam tomorrow - deep joy!'

Sarcastic form of "terrific" Triffic (London)

Sarcastic phrase used to mock an older person Age Before Beauty (Everybody)
'You go first Mr Crumblewick - age before beauty!'

Satisfied, content Sorted (Manchester)

Sausage; an old/nearly-broken-down car; Banger (Street slang)
'We're having bangers for tea this Friday!'

Scotland Jockland (Everybody)

Scottish person Jock

Search Charper (Polari)

See Vada (Polari)
'Lovely to Vada your Eek darling.'

Self Sen (Yorkshire)

Sex Trade (Polari)

Sex Poontang (Street slang)

Sex play or sexual intercourse Hanky Panky (Everybody)
'We had a bit of hanky panky behind the bicycle sheds.'

Sex; Leg Over (Everybody)

Sexual intercourse How's Your Father (Everybody)
'I took her to Brighton for the weekend for a few drinks and a bit of how's your father'

Sexual intercourse Rumpy-Pumpy (Everybody)

Sexual intercourse, usually hurried, standing up, outside Knee-Trembler (Everybody)
'We had a knee-trembler behind the pub last night'

Sexual intercourse. Nookie (Everybody)

Shoes Batts (Polari)

Shut up, you're talking rubbish What You Chattin' About? (Street slang)

Sickness or diarrhoeah caused by Indian food or curry. Bombay Belly (Everybody)

Significant Other (partner/spouse) SO (Txt spk)
'My SO and I are going on holiday soon.'

Silly or idiotic person Twerp (Everybody)

Silly or idiotic person Twonk (Everybody)

Silly or idiotic person Twunt (Everybody)

Silly person Daft apath (Yorkshire)
'You're as much use as a chocolate teapot you Daft Apath'

Silly person; fool Gawby (Yorkshire)

Silly, disorganised, lacking concentration. Dappy (Street slang)

Silly, foolish Dizzy (Polari)

Silly, foolish, terrible Facacta (Jewish)

Silly, stupid Dozy (Everybody)
'You dozy prat.'

Silly; daft; drunk Addled (Yorkshire)

Sleep or short nap Kip (Everybody)
'Just going upstairs for a Kip.'

Slow or undirected walk. Mooch (Everybody)
'Let's mooch into town and look at the shops.'

Slow, backward Ninepence to a shilling
'He's a bit ninepence to the shilling.'

Sluttish woman, one who sleeps around Slag (Everybody)

Small child or baby. Ankle Biter (Everybody)
'Have you got any ankle biters?'

Small meal or snack Snap (Yorkshire)

Small spade to pick up dog mess. Pooper Scooper (Everybody)

Sneeze which sounds like a cough or sneezing and coughing after each other. Snough (Street slang)

Snot Bogey (School)
'He 'ad a huge bogey hanging from his nose.'

Snuggle Utch (Yorkshire)

Some unspecified time in the future Dreckly (Cornwall)
'I'll do that washing up Dreckly'

Somebody with bad acne, pockmarks Crater Face

Someone or something that is annoying. Pain in the Arse (Everybody)
'My neighbour is always banging on the ceiling. He's a complete pain in the arse.'

Someone who does not hear properly Cloth Ears
'Do I have shout for ya, Cloth Ears?'

Someone without friends Billy No-Mates
'Look at me, Billy No-Mates'

Something Summat (Yorkshire)

Something brilliant or well executed Pearler (Everybody)
'Did you see that goal? What a Pearler!'

Something that almost certain to happen Dead Cert (Everybody)
'My horse is a dead cert in the next race.'

Something that does exactly what it is supposed to Does What it Says on the Tin (Everybody)

Something that has gone wrong Pear-shaped (Everybody)
'We were going away for the weekend but it's all gone pear-shaped because of work'

Something that is the wrong way round. Arse About Face (Everybody)
'You've put your coat on arse about face!'

Something that is very easy to accomplish Piece of Cake (Everybody)
'That exam was a piece of cake.'

Something that very easy Piece of Piss (Everybody)
'How come you failed your driving test? It's a piece of piss!'

Something that works for one person may not work for another. Horses for Courses (Everybody)
'Personally I can't stand oysters but it's horses for courses.'

Something underhand, or not done according to the rules Jiggery-Pokery (Everybody)
'The prime minister has come unstuck with his jiggery-pokery.'

Something very good, perfect, or well-executed Peach (Everybody)
'Did you see that goal? What a peach!'

Something very likely to happen. Shoo-in (Everybody)
'With your qualifications, you're a shoo-in for that job.'

Something very unwelcome; very unwanted As Welcome as a Fart in a Spacesuit (Everybody)

Sorry Soz (Street slang)
'Soz mate, didn't see you there.'

Spectacles Bins (Cockney)

Speed (drug) Whizz (Everybody)

Sperm Jizz (Everybody)

Spittle. Flob (Everybody)
'There's flob on the cinema floor.'

Stare Gawp (Yorkshire)
'What are you Gawping at?'

Stew or meal containing lots of small bones Graveyard

Stolen car modified to appear not stolen. Ringer (Liverpool)

Stolen goods, or goods dishonestly acquired Off the Back of a Lorry (Everybody)

Stolen; counterfeit Knocked Off (Everybody)
'Those TVs were Knocked Off'

Stomach illness, especially after eating a bad curry, or visiting India Delhi Belly (Everybody)

Stone, rock, pebble Alley Apple (Liverpool)

Stoned, high on drugs, or drunk Caned (Street slang)

Strength, fortitude Welly (Everybody)
'Push that door open - that's it, give it some welly!'

Stressed Vexed (Street slang)

Strong cannabis weed Skunk (Street slang)

Strong drink Grog (Everybody)

Strong insult meaning unpleasant person Tosser (Everybody)

Stupid Divvy (Everybody)
'You divvy idiot'

Stupid donkey (Street slang)

Stupid or annoying person Dylan (School)
'Stop flicking paper at me you Dylan!'

Stupid or annoying person Pranny (Everybody)

Stupid or annoying person Prat (Everybody)

Stupid or annoying person Nipplerash (Everybody)

Stupid or annoying person Wally (Everybody)

Stupid or annoying person Wazzock (Yorkshire)
'You daft wazzock'

Stupid or annoying person. Dicksplash (Everybody)

Stupid person Dimbo (Everybody)

Stupid person Mong (Everybody)

Stupid person Spanner (Everybody)
'You daft spanner'

Stupid, silly person. Numpty (Everybody)
'Don't use your mobile while you're driving you numpty!'

Stylish shoes (normally trainers) Creps (Street slang)

Suspicious. Broken or nearly broken. Dodgy (Everybody)
'My car's got dodgy brakes.'

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