English to Slang letter P

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Paedophile - person with a sexual interest in children. Paedo (Everybody)

Pakistani (racially offensive) Paki (Everybody)

Paranoia or anxiety usually invoked by drug-taking Fear (the) (Everybody)

Party Do (Street slang)
'We're having a bit of a do this weekend.'

Paul McCartney Macca (Everybody)
'I hear Macca's getting married again.'

Pawn Pop (London)

Pay attention to Mind (Yorkshire)
'Mind you don't spill that pint Walter.'

Paying full attention; doing good quality work On It (Everybody)
'Great game of football today lads, you were really on it'

Penis One-Eyed Trouser Snake (Everybody)

Penis Todger (Everybody)

Penis John Thomas (Everybody)

Perhaps Happen (Yorkshire)

Perks Nawpins (Yorkshire)

Person Egg (Everybody)
'He's a good Egg'

Person - usually male; face Mush (London)
'Bought this car off some mush in Bromley.'

Person (especially male) who is looking for sex, or sexually active Randy (Everybody)

Person from Birmingham Brummie (Everybody)

Person from Cheshire, Lancashire, Manchester Woolyback (Liverpool)

Person of lower-class, particularly one who lives on benefits Chav (Everybody)

Person who collects money by accosting passers-by in busy streets Chugger (Everybody)

Person who is mentally ill Window Licker (Everybody)

Person who is socially inept, inadequate; Loser (Everybody)

Person who is very likely to get beaten up Dead Meat (Everybody)
'The way John's carrying on with Mick's girlfriend - he's dead meat.'

Person who shows off, dresses flamboyantly Poser (Everybody)

Person who stays out overnight having sex with another Dirty Stop-Out (Everybody)

Person who talks with bravado, but fails to act accordingly. All Mouth and No Trousers (Everybody)

Person who wears glasses. Four Eyes (Everybody)
'Come 'ere Four-Eyes!'

Petty or overly bureaucratic. Jobsworth (Everybody)
'That parking inspector was a right jobsworth.'

Phone Dog and Bone (Cockney)

Phrase used to refer to somebody who the speaker feels is posh or arrogant, or upper class. His Nibs (Everybody)
'Ooh, look at his nibs over there, in his smart suit.'

Piano Strillers (Polari)

Pipe for smoking cannabis Bong (Everybody)

Plain or ugly Meese (Jewish)

Play truant Wag (Yorkshire)

Police Lilly Law (Polari)

Police Feds (Street slang)
'Watch out for da feds, blud'

Police Filth (Street slang)
'Watch out, the Filth are on their way'

Police car Jam Sandwich (London)
'This jam sandwich pulled up and out came two rozzers.'

Police informant or one who tells on others Grass (Everybody)
'You'd better not turn grass.'

Police officer Bobby (Everybody)
'I just saw this Bobby fall off his bike'

Policeman Charpering Omi (Polari)

Policeman Copper (Everybody)

Policeman Rozzer (London)
'Scarper, the rozzers are their way!'

Policeman Sharpy (Polari)

Pompous or conceited woman Queen of the Midden (Liverpool)

Poor quality, falling apart Shonky (Everybody)

Poser or pretentious person. Ponce (London)

Posh, upper-class, pompous Toffee-Nosed (Everybody)

Pouring rain Slattering
'It's slattering it down out there'

Pregnant Up the Duff (Everybody)
'That's Mary from down the road, she's up the duff again!'

Pregnant In the Club (Everybody)

Pregnant Knocked Up (Everybody)
'He's only gone and Knocked Up his girlfriend'

Pretty, attractive Bonny (Scotland)
'Ah that's a bonny wee baby'

Pretty, nice or attractive Dolly (Polari)

Prison Clink (Everybody)

Prostitute Brass (Everybody)

Prostitute Tom (Everybody)

Pub Boozer (Everybody)
'Going down the boozer for a couple of hours'

Public toilet Cottage (Polari)

Pudding Pud (Everybody)

Pudding, dessert Afters (Everybody)

Put up with something that is unpleasant. Lump It (Everybody)
'Don't like my cooking? Well you can like it or lump it!'

Pyjamas Jammies (Everybody)

Pyjamas Jimjams (Everybody)
'I've been in me jimjams all day.'

Pyjamas Piggies (Everybody)
'I've been slobbing around the house in me piggies all day.'

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