English to Slang letter N

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Naked Starkers (Everybody)
'He opened the front door completely starkers!'

Nerd, geek, obsessive about a particular subject Anorak (Everybody)

Never Not on Your Nelly (Everybody)
'Give up football? Not on your Nelly!'

Non-Jewish people Goyim (Jewish)

Nose Onk (Polari)

Nose Beak (Everybody)

Nose Hooter (Everybody)

Nose Esong (Polari)

Not or no Nanti (Polari)

Not very good; not working Duff (Everybody)
'I don't know if your washing machine can be repaired madam, the motor looks duff to me.'

Nothing Sod-All (Everybody)

Nothing Diddly Squat (Everybody)

Nothing Nowt (Yorkshire)

Nothing Sweet Fanny Adams (Everybody)
'How much did you win on the dogs last night? Sweet Fanny Adams!'

Nothing Bobkes (Jewish)

Nothing Flying Fuck (Everybody)
'I couldn't give a flying fuck mate'

Nothing or no. Nishta (Polari)

Nothing to eat; no food Air Pie and Windy Pudding (Everybody)
'What's for dinner tonight? Air pie and windy pudding.'

Nothing; zero Bugger All (Everybody)
'I put ten pounds in this fruit machine and got bugger all out.'

Nude Nuddy (Everybody)
'He was watering his flowers in the nuddy'

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