English to Slang letter L

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Ladybird Bishy Barnaby

Ladybird Lady-Cow (Yorkshire)

Large amount of effort Elbow Grease (Everybody)
'Polishing that floor took a lot of elbow grease.'

Laugh out loud LOL (Txt spk)
'Look at that geek, Lol'

Lavatory Lav (Everybody)

Lavatory Lavvy (Everybody)

Lazy person - who is thought to spend their time lying on the couch Couch Potato (Everybody)

Lazy person; dirty, unkempt person who takes no care of their appearance Slob (Everybody)

Leave Do the Franky's
'It's time to do the Franky's.'

Left-handed person Left-Hooker (Everybody)

Left-handed person Southpaw (Everybody)

Leg Lally (Polari)
'What a pair of Lallies on the Omi Polone!'

Legitimate; Legit (Everybody)

Lesbian Carpet Muncher (Everybody)

Lesbian Rug Muncher (Everybody)

Liar Shite Hawk

Liar Blagger (Everybody)

Listening in Tab Hanging (Yorkshire)
'He was Tab Hanging round the door I swear!'

Little Ickle (Manchester)
'I've got an Ickle Bockle of lemonade here.'

Little bit. Tad (Everybody)

London The Smoke (Cockney)
'Goin' to the Smoke for a coupla days'

Look Gander (London)
''ave a gander at that'

Look out Ey Up (Yorkshire)

Look! Sitha (Yorkshire)

Looking for sex On the Pull (Everybody)

Loose change. Shrapnel (Everybody)
'Got any shrapnel for the parking meter?'

Loose woman; woman who sleeps around; prostitute Tart (Everybody)

Loser, no-hoper Wasteman (Street slang)
'That geezer's a double fass wasteman'

Lost focus, gone awry Lost the Plot (Everybody)
'David Cameron has totally lost the plot on the economy.'

Loudmouthed Gobby (Everybody)
'That girlfriend of yours is a right gobby mare'

Lovely, beautiful, pretty Lush (Wales)

Lucky, fortunate Jammy (Everybody)
'You won the lottery? You Jammy bugger!'

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