English to Slang letter E

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Ear Lug (Yorkshire)
'Use your lugs mate, I can't keep shouting at you'

Early, or premature Early Doors (Everybody)
'He got sent off the pitch early doors.'

Effeminate male Queen (Everybody)

Electrician Sparky (Everybody)
'Had the sparky in today to rewire the house'

Estate, neighbourhood, local area Endz (Street slang)
'Why you down my endz bruv?'

Euphemism for being in bed with another. In the Sack (Everybody)
'I got caught in the sack with another woman.'

Euphemism for going to the toilet (urinating). Spend a Penny (Everybody)

Euphemism for having sex, especially by those in important jobs who should be doing those jobs, not having sex. Ugandan Discussions (Public school)

Evaporated milk Vappy (Liverpool)

Everybody In the Pudding Club (Everybody)

Everything The Full Monty (Cockney)

Excellent, very good Get In (Everybody)
'Just won a tenner on the lottery - get in!'

Excitement, coolness, sexiness. Va-va-voom (Everybody)
'That car certainly has va-va-voom!'

Exclamation on making or receiving a lot of money Kerching (Everybody)
'Just won £10 on the fruity! Kerching!'

Exclamation used to describe something exciting that is just starting Game On (Everybody)
'Right there's three lads outside who want a fight - game on!'

Excrement or something very poor Cack (Everybody)

Expert or adroit person Dab Hand (Everybody)
'He's a dab hand at repairing clocks'

Expression of shock or disbelief Stone Me (London)
'Stone me, I cannot believe the prices they are charging in here.'

Eyes Ogles (Polari)

Eyes Orbs (Polari)

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