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Off the Back of a Lorry
Stolen goods, or goods dishonestly acquired (Everybody)

Off to Bedfordshire
Go to bed (Everybody)
'Come on kids - off to Bedfordshire with you!'

Off Your Head
Very drunk or stoned (Everybody)

Glasses (Polari)

Eyes (Polari)

Old Skool
Old fashioned, dated, retro - not necessarily in a bad way. (Street slang)

Man (Polari)

Omi Polone
Gay man (Polari)

On It
Paying full attention; doing good quality work (Everybody)
'Great game of football today lads, you were really on it'

On the Lash
To engage in a heavy drinking session (Everybody)
'We went out on the lash last Friday, got totally wasted!'

On The Piss
To be on a major drinking session. (Everybody)
'We was on the piss on from noon till closing time! What a great day!'

On the Pull
Looking for sex (Everybody)

On the Rag
To be having one's period (Everybody)
'Couldn't get my leg over last night - missus was on the rag.'

On the Razzle
To engage in a heavy drinking session (Everybody)
'We went out on the razzle last Friday, got totally lashed!'

One Foot in the Grave
To be very old (Everybody)

One For The Road
A final drink before leaving (Everybody)

One Whiff of the Barmaid's Apron
Describes a low level of tolerance for alcohol (Everybody)
'One whiff of the barmaid's apron and I'm all over the place.'

One-Eyed Trouser Snake
Penis (Everybody)

Nose (Polari)

Workmate (Cockney)

Eyes (Polari)

Our Kid
Brother or sister (Manchester)

Out Like A Light
Fast asleep (Everybody)

Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder
Bra (Everybody)
'My Over the Shoulder Boulder Holders are getting too small!'

Anything (Yorkshire)

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