British Gay Slang - Polari (Palare) - Dictionary

Polari or palare is a gay slang that grew up in London in the 1950s. It remained a very underground slang until Kenneth Williams featured it in a sketch series called "Julian and Sandy" for the radio show Round the Horne in the late 1960s.

Here's a list of polari gay slang.

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Batts Shoes (Polari)

Bona Good (Polari)

Butch Masculine man or masculine lesbian (Polari)

Capello Hat (Polari)

Charper Search (Polari)

Charpering Omi Policeman (Polari)

Cod Bad, unpleasant (Polari)

Public toilet (Polari)

To look for or have sex in public places (Polari)

Crimper Hairdresser (Polari)

Dish Attractive man (Polari)

Dizzy Silly, foolish (Polari)

Dolly Pretty, nice or attractive (Polari)

Drag Clothes, especially women's clothing (Polari)

Ecaf Face (Polari)

Eek Face (Polari)

Esong Nose (Polari)

Fantabulosa Wonderful, great, fabulous (Polari)

Gelt Money (Polari)

Glossy Magazine (Polari)

Handbag Money (Polari)

Hoofer Dancer (Polari)

Kaffies Trousers (Polari)

Khazi Toilet (Polari)

Kiki A slumber party, most commonly used with gay guys. (Polari)

Lally Leg (Polari)
'What a pair of Lallies on the Omi Polone!'

Latty Flat or bedsit (Polari)

Lill Hand (Polari)

Lilly Law Police (Polari)

Lupper Finger (Polari)

Mangarie Food (Polari)

Metzas Money (Polari)

Mince Walk in an effeminate way. (Polari)

Naff Bad, poor quality (Polari)

Nanti Not or no (Polari)

National Handbag Dole (Polari)

Nishta Nothing or no. (Polari)

Oglefakes Glasses (Polari)

Ogles Eyes (Polari)

Omi Man (Polari)

Omi Polone Gay man (Polari)

Onk Nose (Polari)

Orbs Eyes (Polari)

Palliass Back (Polari)

Park Give (Polari)

Polari Talk (Polari)

Polari Pipe Telephone (Polari)
'Who's that on the Polari Pipe then?'

Polone Woman (Polari)

Pot Tooth (Polari)

Riah Hair (Polari)

Riah Zhoosher Hairdresser. (Polari)

Sharpy Policeman (Polari)

Shyker Wig (Polari)

Slap Make-up, especially heavy make-up. (Polari)
'I'll just be 10 minutes, I'm putting my slap on. '

Strillers Piano (Polari)

Trade Sex (Polari)

Troll To roam the streets, normally looking for trade. (Polari)

Vada See (Polari)
'Lovely to Vada your Eek darling.'

Willets Breasts (Polari)

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