Scouse and Liverpool Slang Dictionary

Scouse and Liverpool slang.

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Abnab Sandwich (Liverpool)

Ackers Money (Liverpool)

Alley Apple Stone, rock, pebble (Liverpool)

Avvy Afternoon (Liverpool)

Bizzies The police (Liverpool)
'Watch out, the bizzies are coming!'

Gobshite Braggart; liar; idiot (Liverpool)

Ikey Overdressed, posh (Liverpool)

Kecks Underwear (Liverpool)

Queen of the Midden Pompous or conceited woman (Liverpool)

Queer Street Trouble, especially financial trouble. Bankruptcy (Liverpool)

Raddle To confuse (Liverpool)
'I'm Raddled today'

Rellie Relative (Liverpool)

Ringer Stolen car modified to appear not stolen. (Liverpool)

Shreddies Underpants (Liverpool)

Vappy Evaporated milk (Liverpool)

Woolyback Person from Cheshire, Lancashire, Manchester (Liverpool)

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