British Slang

Dictionary of English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Cornish, Yorkshire slang ... if it's spoken in the British Isles it's here.

Top 10 latest British Slang ...

Latest worthy entrants into the ever-growing dictionary.

Mustard 12-May-2014 from Kaita
Bobby 12-May-2014 from pam gallagher
Douche Bag 12-May-2014 from Anon
The Smoke 12-May-2014 from Nigel Palmer
Creps 11-Apr-2014 from Gregory Milik
Handfull 3-Apr-2014 from Matthew Carpenter
Boris 28-Mar-2014 from Kniggles
Strides 24-Mar-2014 from PHIL BOOKER
Ten Bob 24-Mar-2014 from marshall tompson
Fo shizzle  24-Mar-2014 from Goodshizzle

Top classic British Slang

The very best classic slang as voted for by you! Updated in real time.

Blower 2-Jun-2007 from helen
Trump 15-Sep-2012 from
Bob 21-Apr-2000 from Danny
Khazi 13-May-2012 from Danny
Minerals 10-Aug-2007 from Anon
Claret 21-Jun-2007 from Tom
Sixes and Sevens 6-Aug-2007 from fezandsword
Mate 11-Sep-2012 from
Ton 7-Jun-2007 from grant
Sticky Wicket 23-Sep-2012 from nathan

Made in Britain

This slang dictionary is created by real Brits. Each slang is rateable for authenticity:

Classic Classic Widely-used and recognised as slang from the good old days.
Example: Apples and Pears
Modern slang Modern It might be brand new slang but if you've heard it used, rate it Modern.
Example: Nang
Mockney Fake Never heard it being used? Reckon it's fake? Rate it Fake!

The British Slang Blog

Keep up with new trending slang.

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Top new slang

The very best of up-to-the minute modern slang as voted for by you! List is updated in real time.

Nang 12-Jun-2007 from adam hickey
Innit 5-Jun-2007 from Dode
LOL 21-Jan-2014 from yo moma
Blower 2-Jun-2007 from helen
Gay 15-Sep-2012 from JAMES GEORGE
Squeeze 14-Jun-2007 from James
Trump 15-Sep-2012 from
Isaac 26-Jan-2010 from Ben
Creps 11-Apr-2014 from Gregory Milik
Mate 11-Sep-2012 from

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