About British Slang

This site is a valiant if foolhardy attempt to catalogue all types of slang in use in the British Isles today.

We aim to collect, filter and categorise slang from all around the country - Wales, Scotland, Ireland. We recognise particular city slang such as Mancunian, Liverpudlian, Yorkshire, Cornish and others. We also recognise slang from particular communities, such as a gay slang and Polari, gypsy/traveller slang, Yiddish/Jewish, street slang, Jamaican/Jafaikan, army, navy, police slang and many others.

We totally rely on contributors to make it happen so please feel free to sling us some slang, with examples of usage.

It's an extension of our very successfull Cockney Rhyming Slang project, which has run since 1998. For that reason we don't include Cockney rhyming slang in this site but we do provide links to our dedicated Cockney site.