English to Slang letter W

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Walk in an effeminate way. Mince (Polari)

Washroom Loo
'Jonny's gone to the loo for a moment. Can I help you with anything?'

Wasp Jasper (Everybody)
'Watch out there's a jasper right by your head'

Weak or effeminate; silly; low-quality; Gay (School)
'I'm not riding that bike, it's gay!'

Weak or feeble person Wuss (Everybody)

Weak, boring Wack (Street slang)
'Dat is so Wack, man'

Wednesday Hump Day (Everybody)

Weird, strange Radge (Street slang)
'That's absolutley radge'

Welsh person Taff (Everybody)

Whining, bad-tempered Mardy (Yorkshire)

Whiny, miserable person. Mard Arse (Manchester)

Whiskey Electric Soup (Scotland)

White person who acts or speaks in a fake black way Wigger (Street slang)

Wife Her Indoors (London)

Wig Rug (Everybody)
'Look at that rug on that guy's head - you can actually see the join.'

Wig Shyker (Polari)

Willing to have sex Up for It (Everybody)
'That girl is well up for it, mate!'

Wine - especially cheap wine. Plonk (Everybody)

Woman Polone (Polari)

Woman who has close friendships with gay men. Fag Hag (Gay)

Woman who smokes excessively, normally an older woman Fag Ash Lil (Everybody)
'My mum's smoked 40 a day for the last thirty years. She's a right fag ash lil.'

Women's breasts. Bangers (Everybody)

Wonderful, great, fabulous Fantabulosa (Polari)

Work or function as intended Ackle (Yorkshire)

Workmate Oppo (Cockney)

Worn out, exhausted Clapped Out (Everybody)
'That old banger's clapped out.'

Worse War (Yorkshire)

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