English to Slang letter V

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Vagina Fanny (Everybody)

Vagina Minge (Everybody)

Vagina Chuff (Everybody)

Vagina Gash (Street slang)
'She got a kick in the gash last Friday night'

Vagina Blurt (School)

Vagina Fanny

Vagina lips, labia Beef Curtains (Street slang)
'I couldn't get my tongue in between her massive Beef Curtains'

Vagina; stupid person; Twat (Everybody)

Various random people Tom, Dick and Harry (Everybody)
'Since we put the house on the market we've had every Tom, Dick and Harry knocking on our door.'

Various things, assorted objects Bits and Bobs (Everybody)

Various things, assorted objects Bits and Bats (Manchester)
'Can you help me move these bits and bats up the stairs please?'

Vegetarian Veggie

Very bad, very poor performance Piss Poor (Everybody)
'Liverpool played a piss-poor game last Saturday.'

Very black Black as Newgate's Knocker (Everybody)

Very cold Brass Monkeys (Everybody)
'Brr, it's brass monkeys out there.'

Very disappointed Gutted (Everybody)

Very drunk Pissed as a Fart (Everybody)

Very drunk Hammered (Everybody)
'Went out and got hammered last night!'

Very drunk Blitzed (Everybody)

Very drunk Trashed (Everybody)

Very drunk or stoned Off Your Head (Everybody)

Very drunk or stoned Mullered (Street slang)
'We was completely mullered last night, mate'

Very drunk or unconscious Paralytic (Everybody)
'I was paralytic last night'

Very drunk. Arseholed (Everybody)
'I was completely arseholed last night.'

Very drunk. Very high on drugs. Mashed (Street slang)

Very drunk. Very high on drugs. Monged (Street slang)

Very easy. Easy Peasy (Everybody)

Very easy. Doddle (Everybody)

Very easy. Synch (Everybody)

Very good Top Hole (Public school)
'You passed your driving test? That's top hole!'

Very good Phat (Street slang)

Very good Ace (Everybody)

Very good Brahma (London)

Very good Topping (Public school)

Very good or very bad! Savage (Manchester)

Very good, excellent Rocking (Street slang)
'That car is rocking!'

Very good, fine and right Ticketyboo (Everybody)
'Now that we've rearranged the wedding date, everything is ticketyboo'

Very good, superb Dog’s Bollocks (Everybody)
'Wow that curry was the dog's bollocks'

Very good. Bee’s Knees (Everybody)

Very good; very loud Banging (Manchester)
'That party was bangin' mate'

Very happy, delighted Stoked

Very little money Peanuts (Everybody)
'That last job I had paid peanuts so I left.'

Very low status or poorly paid job McJob (Everybody)

Very mad Barking Mad (Everybody)

Very much. Nobody's Business (Everybody)
'That car is backfiring like nobody's business.'

Very old person Wrinkly (Everybody)

Very sexy; feeling very sexy Horny (Everybody)
'Phew I feel horny tonight!'

Very smooth. Smooth as a Baby's Bottom (Everybody)

Very stupid Thick as Pigshit (Everybody)

Very tight stomach muscles. Six Pack (Everybody)
'Look at that fella strolling along the beach with his six-pack.'

Very tight; very mean with money; very drunk Tight as a Duck's Arse (Everybody)

Very tired, or asleep Zonked (Everybody)

Very uncool Sad (Everybody)
'Look at those trainers, they're sad mate!'

Vomit Technicolour Yawn (Everybody)

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