English to Slang letter U

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Ugly Fugly (Street slang)
'Wow, that's a Fugly baby'

Ugly face. Face like a Smacked Toad

Ugly or promiscuous woman or girl Munter (Street slang)

Ugly person. Back End of a Bus (Looks Like) (Everybody)
'Have you seen that munter? She looks like the back end of a bus.'

Ugly woman or girl Dog (Everybody)

Ugly woman or girl Minger (Everybody)

Ugly woman or girl Hound (Everybody)

Ugly woman or girl Moose

Ugly woman or girl Ten Pinter

Ugly, unattractive, horrible Minging (Street slang)

Umbrella Gamp
'Where's my gamp?'

Uncultured young person, possibly who hangs around in town centres Townie (Street slang)

Underpants Shreddies (Liverpool)

Understand Capishe (London)
'I'm not lending you any money! Capishe?'

Underwear Kecks (Liverpool)

Undoubtedly; for certain. And No Mistake (Everybody)
'That was a good day's work and no mistake!'

Unfortunate Bad job (Yorkshire)
'You lost a twenty pound note? Hmm, bad job!'

Unsteady Wankle (Yorkshire)

Unsubstantially built Jerry-Built (Everybody)
'That shed in the back of our garden is jerry-built.'

Unwell; not working quite properly Dicky (London)
'I'm not coming out today. I feel dicky. '

Upper class, posh person Toff (Everybody)
'David Camerson and George Osborne are two toffs.'

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