English to Slang letter R

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Rain Raining Cats and Dogs (Everybody)
'Man I'm proper soaked, it's bloody raining cats n dogs out there mate"'

Raining heavily Pissing Down (Everybody)
'Get your umbrella, it's pissing down out there'

Real, genuine Real McCoy (the) (Everybody)
'That's not a fake Rolex, it's the real mccoy!'

Relative Rellie (Liverpool)

Relax, chill out Chillax (Street slang)
'The Prime Minister was Chillaxing at Chequers this weekend.'

Religious (especially evangelically religious) person God-Botherer

Remember; a mild warning; Think on (Yorkshire)

Roast potato or roast dinner Roasty (Everybody)

Rock'n'roll fan, supposedly having greasy hair or clothes Grebo (Midlands)

Rolling tobacco Snout (London)

Rubbish, garbage Trammel (Yorkshire)

Rubbish, nonsense. Tosh (Everybody)
'Stop talking tosh!'

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