English to Slang letter M

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Mad Barmy (Everybody)

Mad Bonkers (Everybody)

Mad Mad as Cheese

Mad or crazy Meshugenah (Jewish)

Magazine Glossy (Polari)

Make-up Warpaint (Everybody)

Make-up, especially heavy make-up. Slap (Polari)
'I'll just be 10 minutes, I'm putting my slap on. '

Male friend Boyo (Wales)
'What are you doing boyo?'

Male genitalia Lunch Box (Everybody)

Male genitalia Twig and berries (Everybody)

Male genitalia, especially the testicles Family Jewels (London)
'Oof - you just got me in the Family Jewels!'

Male person. Chap (Everybody)

Male prostitute Rent Boy (Everybody)

Male who is big and hairy, usually oafish Hairy-Arsed (Everybody)
'Three hairy-arsed bikers came into the pub.'

Man Omi (Polari)

Man; male Geezer (London)
'Look at that Geezer over there'

Many, or plenty Cotchel (London)
'They've got cotchels of sweets in that shop'

Marijuana Ganja (Everybody)

Marijuana in weed form Weed (Street slang)
'Colt 45 and two Zig Zags, baby that's all we need. We can go to the park after dark, smoke that tumb'

Masculine man or masculine lesbian Butch (Polari)

Mate, friend Blud (Street slang)

McDonald's - the burger chain Maccy D's (Street slang)

Me too, as well Anall (Yorkshire)

Meaningless, empty speech Jibber-Jabber (Everybody)

Menstrual cycle Painters and Decorators (Everybody)
'Yeah, we can't have sex tonight, the painters and decorators are here, yeah?'

Menstrual period Rag Week (Street slang)

Mentally deficient. Sandwich Short of a Picnic (Everybody)
'He's completely crazy, he's a sandwich short of a picnic.'

Messy girl Sket
'That girl is a right sket look at her!'

Mild disease such a cold/cough, chest infection, stomach upset Lurgy (Everybody)
'Don't go near him, he's got the dreaded lurgy'

Mildly drunk Merry (Everybody)

Mildly drunk Squiffy (Everybody)

Mildly drunk Tiddly (Everybody)

Mildly drunk Tipsy (Everybody)
'I've had one Bacardi and Coke and I'm a bit Tipsy already!'

Mildly insulting word for woman. Moo (Everybody)

Mildly insulting word for woman. Cow (Everybody)

Miserable, whining, moaning person Grizzle Guts (Everybody)

Moderate, Fair Middling (Yorkshire)

Moment Mo (Everybody)
'Half a mo!'

Moment Tick (Everybody)
'I'll be with you in a tick'

Money Moolah (London)

Money Handbag (Polari)

Money Gelt (Polari)

Money Metzas (Polari)

Money Dosh (Everybody)
'How much dosh did that car cost ya?'

Money Dough (Everybody)
'How much dough have you got on you?'

Money Ackers (Liverpool)

Money, especially a large amount of money Wad (Everybody)
'Look at my wad!'

Money, especially paper money. Readies (London)
'Are you gonna buy my car then? No, I haven't got the readies mate.'

Money, pounds Smackers (Everybody)
'How many smackers did that cost ya, then?'

Moustaches, beards or stubble. Face-Fungus (Everybody)
'Go and have a shave mate, you're covered in face-fungus.'

Mouth Cakehole (Everybody)
'Stop stuffing your Cakehole!'

Mouth Gob (Yorkshire)
'Shut yer gob!'

Murmuring Hoamin (Yorkshire)

Muscular, well-built Hench (Street slang)

Mutter, muble Chunter (Yorkshire)
'Look at the old fella, chuntering away to himself.'

My friend My Ansum (Yorkshire)
'Wozzon my ansum'

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