English to Slang letter I

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Idiot Pillock (Everybody)
'You're such a Pillock sometimes'

Idiot Knob Head (Everybody)

Idiot Plonker (Street slang)

Idiot Eejit (Everybody)
'Yer flamin' Eejit!'

Idiot Shit for Brains (Everybody)

Idiot Berk (Everybody)

Idiot/fool Barmpot (Yorkshire)

Illegal or stolen; criminal person; gay or homosexual Bent (Everybody)

Ill-gotten gains, stolen money Filthy Lucre (Everybody)

I'm not listening Talk to the Hand (Street slang)

Imaginary coat induced by drinking Beer coat (Everybody)

Imaginary spectacles induced by drinking Beer Goggles (Everybody)
'She wasn't all that good looking but I had my beer goggles on.'

Important or upstanding person Mensch (Jewish)

In a mess, in a disorganised state All Over the Shop (Everybody)
'I was so drunk last night, I was all over the shop'

In a mess, screwed up. Jaspered (Street slang)
'Completely and utterly jaspered.'

Incompetent, stupid, annoying, or childish person Bell-end (Everybody)

Incompetent, stupid, annoying, or childish person Knob-end (Everybody)

Incompetent, stupid, annoying, or childish person Geb-end

Incomplete, poor or shoddy attempt Half-Arsed (Everybody)
'I made a half-arsed attempt at getting a degree, then I dropped out.'

Indefatigability, strength in adversity Dunkirk Spirit (Everybody)
'Half our firm have been made redundant. But we've still got the Dunkirk Spirit'

Infect Smittle (Yorkshire)

Innocent, young, naive Wet Behind the Ears (Everybody)

Innocent; having an alibi No Flies On Me (Everybody)
'They can't arrest me, I've got an alibi - there's no flies on me'

Insult, defame Cuss (Street slang)

Insulting term to denote member of the lower classes. Pleb (Public school)
'Out of my way, plebs!'

Isn't it? Innit (Street slang)
'Dat is well good innit.'

It will be alright It Be Reet (Yorkshire)

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