English to Slang letter H

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Hair Riah (Polari)

Hairdresser Crimper (Polari)

Hairdresser. Riah Zhoosher (Polari)

Hand Lill (Polari)

Hand Mitt (Everybody)
'Get your mitts off my dinner!'

Hat Capello (Polari)

Haughty Chuffy (Yorkshire)

Have sex Shag (Everybody)
'He shagged a girl last Saturday night.'

Have sex with. Have It Off (Everybody)
'He had it off with that lady from number 99.'

Having a sour, dismal expression on the face. Face Like a Smacked Arse (Everybody)
'Cheer up mate, you've got a face like a smacked arse!'

Having plenty of money. Flush (Everybody)
'I can lend you a tenner. Just go paid so I'm flush today'

Head Bonce (London)
'He's just got smashed over the bonce with a bottle'

Head Nut (London)
'You're doing my nut in'

Head lice Nits (Everybody)

Hello, how are you? Eh Up Duck (Midlands)

Hello; general greeting, especially amongst males Wotcher (London)
'Wotcher cock!'

Heroin Smack (Everybody)

Hidden advantage or asset that can be produced to win a game/deal/good outcome Ace in the Hole (Everybody)

Hit or thrash Bray (Yorkshire)
'I'll bray them kids on of these days!'

Holiday Jollies
'I'm off on my Jollies'

Holiday-makers/tourists. Grockle (Cornwall)
'The whole town was blocked up with grockles this morning.'

Home-made tip to a cannabis joint Roach (Everybody)

Homosexual Poofter (Everybody)

Homosexual, or very corrupt. Bent as a Nine-Bob Note (London)
'That market trader is bent as a nine-bob note.'

Honey Hinny (Yorkshire)
'Ya alreet hinny?'

Hot or really good Mustard

House or home Gaff (London)
'Come round to my gaff for a few beers. '

House or home drum (Everybody)
'See you later at my drum'

How are you? How's it hangin? (Street slang)

Hug or cuddle. Cutch
'I need a cutch.'

Hurry up Chop Chop (Everybody)

Husband Him Indoors (London)

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