English to Slang letter G

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Gangster G (Street slang)

Gay man Omi Polone (Polari)

Gay man (offensive). Batty Man (Street slang)

Gay man (offensive). Arse Bandit

Gay person (usually male) Bender

General exclamation of surprise or shock Gawd Blimey (London)

General exclamation of surprise or shock Flaming Nora (London)

General exclamation of surprise or shock Gordon Bennett (Everybody)

General exclamation of surprise, shock Crikey (Everybody)
'Crikey that was close'

General exclamation of surprise, shock Cripes (Public school)

General insult Douche Bag (Street slang)

General insult. Face Ache (Everybody)
'Come here, face-ache.'

General stuff; the insides of a piece of electrical equipment Gubbins (Everybody)

General term of endearment, used amongst friends and strangers alike Ducks (Midlands)
'That'll be £4.39 please ducks'

Generic expression of disbelief Haddaway and Shite (Newcastle)
'Haddaway and Shite man, you're talking rubbish!'

Generic insult Flid (Everybody)
'You stupid Flid!'

Generic insult Joey (Everybody)
'You're a right Joey'

Generic insult for a person Git (Everybody)
'You rotten git! You stupid get!'

Generic insult, mainly for men Tosspot (Yorkshire)

Generic insult, mainly for men; bad or untrustworthy man Toe-rag (Everybody)

Get extremely angry, go crazy Do Your Nut (Everybody)
'Your dad's gonna do his nut when he sees this mess.'

Get stressed, annoyed, angry Get Your Knickers in a Twist (Everybody)
'Don't get your knickers in a twist about it.'

Ghost or Spectre Boggart (Yorkshire)

Girl Doll

Girlfriend gf (Street slang)
'I split up with my gf a month ago but I can't stop thinking about her.'

Give Park (Polari)

Glad, happy Chuffed
'I'm Chuffed to bits!'

Glasses Bins (Everybody)

Glasses Oglefakes (Polari)

Glasses/spectacles Specs (Everybody)

Glasses/spectacles Goggles (Everybody)

Go away Jog On (Everybody)
'Mate, I'm not listening to you any more, so jog on will ya?'

Go to bed Off to Bedfordshire (Everybody)
'Come on kids - off to Bedfordshire with you!'

Go to the toilet See a Man About a Dog (Everybody)

Go, perhaps reluctantly or slowly Schlep (Jewish)

Gone wrong Tits Up (Everybody)
'It's all gone Tits Up mate'

Good Sick (Street slang)
'That film was sick man!'

Good Piff (Street slang)

Good Nang (Street slang)
'That's propa nang you get me?'

Good Magic (Everybody)
'That football match was magic.'

Good Mint (London)
'Your new car's mint, mate'

Good Bona (Polari)

Good Bad (Street slang)
'That is well bad, innit!'

Good looking, attractive Peng (Street slang)
'That girl - is well peng!'

Good looking; toned body. Fit (Everybody)
'That guy working behind the bar is well fit.'

Good or great Sound (Manchester)
'Mate that t-shirt is Sound'

Good, excellent Wicked (Street slang)

Good, excellent Gradley (Yorkshire)
'Ee, that were reet Gradley.'

Good, OK Safe (Street slang)

Good, right Tidy (Wales)
'Right, I've finished all my homework, that's tidy'

Good, right Cushty (London)
'Don't worry Rodney everything is cushty.'

Goodbye TTFN (Everybody)

Goodbye Laters (Street slang)

Gosh; general expression of surprise, shock Blimey (Everybody)

Gravy, sauce Jipper (Army)
'"Get some gipper on it!"'

Great, wonderful, fantastic Fandabidozi (Everybody)

Great; wonderful Lovely Jubbly (London)

Gullible idiot Mug (Everybody)

Gypsy Gypo (Everybody)

Gypsy; traveller Pikey (Everybody)
'A bunch of pikeys moved their caravans into the field'

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