English to Slang letter F

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Face Ecaf (Polari)

Face Eek (Polari)

Face Fizzog (Everybody)

Fail to turn up for a meeting Blow Out
'When Gaynor hadn't turned up by 8:30, Steve knew she had blown him out.'

Faint; lightheaded; mildly drunk. Woozy (Everybody)

Fair enough Furry Muff (Street slang)

Fair enough Hairy Muff (Street slang)
'"Can't come out mate, no cash innit" "Hairy Muff then"'

Fall over Arse Over Tit (Everybody)
'He fell Arse over Tit on the way out of the pub.'

False, wrong, untrue Codswallop (Everybody)

Family member or close friend Fam (Street slang)

Fart Air Biscuit

Fart Blow Off (Everybody)

Fart Grunt (Everybody)

Fart Trump (Newcastle)
'He trumped in class this morning.'

Fast asleep Sparko (Everybody)

Fast asleep Out Like A Light (Everybody)

Fat Lardy (Everybody)
'That lardy-arsed boy down the road'

Fear, nervousness. Collywobbles (Everybody)
'I'm supposed to give the best man's speech at my mate's wedding, but I've got the collywobbles.'

Fear, the jitters Screaming Abdabs (Everybody)
'That film gave me the screaming abdabs'

Feel sick or be sick Grue
'That's making me grue'

Female - pejorative. Bint

Female hairstyle Croydon Facelift (Street slang)

Fifty pounds bullseye (Everybody)

Fifty pounds Vanessa Feltz (Street slang)

Finger Lupper (Polari)

Finished, completed Job's a Good'Un (Everybody)
'Two more parcels to deliver, and job's a good'un.'

First refusal; opportunity to take the first or desired part of something shared First Dibs (Everybody)
'If we win the lottery, you can have first dibs.'

Fish and chip shop Chipper
'Let's go down the Chipper'

Fizzy/carbonated drink Pop (Yorkshire)

Flat or bedsit Latty (Polari)

Flat paving stone Flag (Yorkshire)

Fog or sea mist Fret (Yorkshire)

Food Mangarie (Polari)

Food Nosebag (Everybody)
'Let's go down the caff and get some nosebag.'

Food Nosh (Street slang)

Food Scran (Yorkshire)
'I'm starving, let's go to the chippy for some Scran'

For sure Fo shizzle (Street slang)
''Are you tokin tonight'? Fo shizzle '

French Fries Chips (Everybody)

Friday Poet's Day (Everybody)

Friend Mate (Everybody)
'How's it going Mate?'

Friend or associate Pard

Frighten Flay (Yorkshire)

Frighten Willies (Everybody)
'That film gave me the Willies.'

Frightened Frit (Yorkshire)

Fruit machine Fruity (Everybody)

Fuck off F Off (Everybody)

Full to capacity Jam-Packed (Everybody)
'Couldn't get in the pub down the road, it was jam-packed.'

Full to the limit Chocka (Everybody)
'We can't go in that pub, it's chocka, the football's on'

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