English to Slang letter D

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Daft, silly person Dipstick (London)
'Rodney, you dipstick!'

Damn Bloody (Everybody)

Dancer Hoofer (Polari)

Defecate Drop the Kids Off at the Pool (Everybody)
'I won't be a minute, I just gotta Drop the Kids Off at the Pool'

Delicious Scrummy (Everybody)

Derogatory phrase for an elderly person Coffin Dodger
'Move out of my way, coffin dodger'

Describes a low level of tolerance for alcohol One Whiff of the Barmaid's Apron (Everybody)
'One whiff of the barmaid's apron and I'm all over the place.'

Describes an object which has no particular name or the name of which cannot be recalled. Thingamajig (Everybody)
'That thingamajig which keeps the gate closed has broken.'

Devastated Gutted (Everybody)

Devious, person. Conman. Shyster (Everybody)

Diarrhoea Squits (Everybody)
'I've got a bad case of the Squits'

Difficult, risky or losing situation Sticky Wicket (Everybody)
'If you don't fess up you'll be on a sticky wicket.'

Dirt or mud Crud (Everybody)
'I've got to get all this crud off the bottom of my boots.'

Dirty, smelly or greasy Gringy
'I don't want to sleep on the floor, it's gringy'

Disgusting, dirty, gross Manky (Everybody)
'Don't wear those shoes, they're Manky'

Distant, remote place Arse End of Nowhere (Everybody)
'Don't go down that road or you'll end up in the arse end of nowhere.'

Doctor Quack (Everybody)

Dodgy, fraudulent. Bent as a 3 Bob Watch

Dog, especially a mongrel or no-breed type of dog Mutt (Everybody)

Doing well Balling (Street slang)

Dole National Handbag (Polari)

Drinking session involving having just one or two drinks in many pubs in one day/evening Pub Crawl (Everybody)

Drunk Rat Arsed (Everybody)
'He was so Rat-Arsed he couldn't even walk in a straight line.'

Drunk Soused (Everybody)

Drunk Three Sheets to the Wind (Everybody)
'Sorry about last night, I was three sheets to the wind.'

Drunk Trollied (Everybody)

Drunk Pissed (Everybody)
'Come at the end of the shift we'll go and get pissed'

Drunk Plastered (Everybody)

Drunk Bladdered (Everybody)
'Wow we was completely bladdered last night'

Drunk Blotto (Everybody)
'Wow you were completely blotto last night'

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