English to Slang letter C

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Cannabis Puff (Everybody)
'Let's go down the estate and score some puff'

Cannabis Wacky Baccy (Everybody)

Cannabis joint Spliff (Everybody)
'Roll us another spliff mate'

Carpenter Chippy (Everybody)
'Had the chippy in today to repair my roof.'

Catch-phrase used in reply to a speaker has understated the risk or danger of something Famous Last Words (Everybody)
''Let's go over the railway tracks, it'll be fine.'/>B: 'Famous last words''

Chap Bloke (Everybody)

Charity (sarcastic) Charidee (Everybody)

Cheap or dirty cafe Greasy Spoon (Everybody)

Chest (i.e. box) Kist (Yorkshire)

Chewing gum Chuddy (Manchester)

Child Bairn (Scotland)

Chip shop Chippy (Everybody)
'Let's go down the Chippy for us tea'

Cigarette Cancer Stick (Everybody)

Cigarette Fag (Everybody)
'I'll just nip down to the shop and get some Fags'

Cigarette Coffin Nail (Everybody)
'Got any coffin nails on you, I'm gasping!'

Close friend Bredren (Street slang)

Close friend/associate. Bruva from another muther (Street slang)

Close the door. Put the Wood in the Hole (Yorkshire)

Clothes, especially women's clothing Drag (Polari)

Clumsy, or left-handed Cackhanded (Everybody)

Clumsy, slow Golem (Jewish)

Cocaine Charlie (Everybody)

Cold Parky (Yorkshire)

Cold; insult against a person who feels the cold too much Nesh (Yorkshire)
'What are you doing with your coat and scarf on, you nesh sod! It's lovely and warm!'

Common sense; intelligence Gumption (Yorkshire)

Common, low-class woman who sleeps around Slapper (Everybody)

Complain, whine, moan Kvetsh (Jewish)

Completely full - especially of people. Rammed (Everybody)
'You should have seen the club last night, it was completely rammed.'

Condom Rubber Johnny (School)

Condom Johnny (School)

Confuse Flummox (Yorkshire)

Confused Sixes and Sevens (Everybody)
'She was all at Sixes and Sevens'

Confused or confounded Banjaxed (Everybody)

Cool Bitching (Street slang)

Cool Chubb (Street slang)

Cool; good; OK Cool Beans (Street slang)

Cool; great; Right On

Cost, price Damage (Everybody)
'What's the damage mate?'

Courage, gall, bravery Chutzpah (Jewish)

Crazy or strange behaviour Bugging (Street slang)

Crazy person Nutjob

Crazy person Nutter (Everybody)

Criminal Crim (London)

Criminal or hard-man Badman (Street slang)

Crooked or ill-balanced. Wonky (Street slang)
'Got the trolley with the wonky wheel again!'

Cry Skrike (Manchester)

Cry Scrike
'He was Scriking like a mardarse!'

Cute overweight gay guy Pom-bear (Gay)

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