English to Slang letter B

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Bachelor party Stag Night (Everybody)

Back Palliass (Polari)

Back in the Day B in the D (Street slang)

Backward person (simpleton). Sim
'That guy's a total SIM.'

Bad or annoying person Bugger (Everybody)
'That landlord waters down our pints. What an old bugger.'

Bad or annoying person; petty criminal Scrote (Everybody)

Bad, poor quality Naff (Polari)

Bad, rubbish Bobbins (Manchester)
'We played Bobbins last week.'

Bad, unpleasant Cod (Polari)

Bald man Slaphead (Everybody)

Be very knowledgeable. Know Your Onions (Everybody)
'My accountant really knows his onions.'

Big legs on a woman; a large woman Thunderthighs (Everybody)
'Don't look now - here comes Thunderthighs!'

Bike (derogatory term for a woman of easy virtue) Boris (Cockney)

I had a ride on a Boris last night!


Biscuit. Biccie (Everybody)
'Shall we have a cup of tea a choccy biccie?'

Black eye Shiner (Everybody)
'Wow you must have been in a fight - look at that shiner on you!'

Black person who acts or speaks like a white person Choc Ice (Street slang)

Blister Bleb (Yorkshire)

Blood Claret (Cockney)
'Claret all down his Boat Race'

Bookmaker - person or company that accepts bets Bookie (Everybody)

Boss or foreman Gaffer (Everybody)

Boss, person in charge Guvnor (Cockney)

Bothered Bovvered (Street slang)
'Am I bovvered?'

Bottle Bockle (Manchester)

Boyfriend BF (Street slang)
'I split up with bf three weeks ago but I can't stop thinking about him.'

Boyfriend or girlfriend. Squeeze (Street slang)
'Where's your squeeze?'

Bra Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder (Everybody)
'My Over the Shoulder Boulder Holders are getting too small!'

Braggart; liar; idiot Gobshite (Liverpool)

Bravado/bravery Bottle (Everybody)
''E's got a lot of Bottle.'

Breakfast. Brekkie (Everybody)
'I had a lovely bacon sarnie for my brekkie today.'

Breasts Breasticles (Everybody)

Breasts Jubblies (London)
'Wow look at her jubblies!'

Breasts Jugs (Everybody)
'Look at the Jugs on her!'

Breasts Knockers (Everybody)
'Look at the knockers on her!'

Breasts Norks (Everybody)

Breasts Sweater Muffins (Everybody)
'Check out those Sweater Muffins!'

Breasts Willets (Polari)

Breasts. Fun Bags (Everybody)
'Look at the fun bags on that bird!'

Breasts. Baps (Everybody)
'Look at the baps on that bird!'

Bricklayers trowel Sword (Cockney)

Brilliant Safe Blood (Street slang)

Britain Blighty (Street slang)

Broken or not working properly; in a bad temper Humpty (Newcastle)
'That pram's a bit humpty, the wheel's nearly fallen off.'

Brother Bro (Street slang)

Brother or close friend Blood (Street slang)

Brother or sister Our Kid (Manchester)

Bullshit. Moo Poo
'You are talking complete moo poo.'

Burqa (Muslim headscarf) Peep Scarf (Street slang)

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