English to Slang letter A

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A 2-2 degree result Desmond (School)
'I got a Desmond in History'

A bad mood Hump (The) (Everybody)
'Have you got the hump about not getting paid yet?'

A bad/evil/threatening stare; disapproving look Evils (Street slang)
'You giving me Evils?'

A big, fried meal, especially breakfast Fry-Up (Everybody)

A black person Wog (Everybody)

A bribe. Bung (Everybody)
'He received a bung of £10000 to lose the boxing match.'

A catastrophic mistake. Balls-Up (Everybody)
'He made a right balls-up of organising our holiday!'

A con or fraud; a deal of very bad value Rip-Off (Everybody)
'These tickets cost a hundred quid - what a rip-off'

A crazy, insane person Headcase (Everybody)
'Watch out for that bloke, he's a complete headcase'

A crush on an older pupil or teacher Pash (School)
'Ann's got a pash on Miss Honey'

A fart Guff (Everybody)

A fat person Salad Dodger (Everybody)

A fearsome older woman. Battleaxe (Everybody)
'That librarian is a right battleaxe. Always telling me to shush.'

A female dance involving shaking your booty up and down so that it jiggles, especially in the direction of a male or a camera. Twerking (Street slang)

A ferry trip from Britain to France with the main purpose of buying cheap/untaxed alcohol Booze Cruise (Everybody)

A fight or argument where little or no harm is inflicted. Handbags at Dawn (Everybody)

A final drink before leaving One For The Road (Everybody)

A French person Frog (Everybody)

A fuss; a fight Kerfuffle (Everybody)

A gay man Turd Burglar (Everybody)

A gay man, especially one who hangs about in public lavatories looking for sexual encounters Toilet Trader (London)

A gay or effeminate man Nancyboy (Everybody)

A general exclamation meaning simple or easy Simples

A German person Kraut (Everybody)

A gullible person or someone easily fooled. Schnook (Jewish)

A headbutt Glasgow Kiss (Scotland)

A heavy drinker; alcoholic Booze Hound (Everybody)

A heavy drinking session or drinking party Piss-Up (Everybody)
'We had a right piss-up after work last Friday night.'

A highly flexible term commonly used by the English to condemn anything and everything. Bollocks (Everybody)
'1. That Mel Gibson movie was a load of bollocks. 2. Stop talking bollocks. '

A home, especially very cheap/temporary rented accomodation Digs (Everybody)
'Come back to my digs for a party!'

A homeless person Dosser (Everybody)

A job done to the highest expectations Proper Job
'Proper job on that roof Jethro!'

A long time Yonks (Everybody)
'Hiya mate, I haven't seen you for Yonks'

A look; a quick look Dekko (London)
'Take a dekko at my car, something's wrong with it.'

A lower-class girl or woman Essex Girl (Everybody)

A man or woman who defies their gender in the way they dress or act Gender Bender (Everybody)

A masturbatory act (male) Hand Shandy (Everybody)

A mess Dog’s Dinner (Everybody)
'What you look like? A right dog's dinner that's what!'

A mess; a failure. Cock-up (Everybody)
'I cocked up my exams.'

A party Knees Up (London)

A period of time away from phones, computers, Facebook, Twitter etc Digital Detox (Everybody)

A person (normally male) who is aggressive and good in fights Hard-Nut (Everybody)

A person (or alternatively a car) that has the power to attract women. Babe-magnet (Street slang)

A person (usually a boy) who wears spectacles Specky (School)
'You specky twat!'

A person (usually young) who is considered clever but uncool Spod (School)

A person from Liverpool Scouser (Everybody)

A person or thing whose name cannot be recalled. Thingy (Everybody)
'I saw that bloke the other day - you know, thingy from the butcher's shop.'

A person who is addicted to drugs Junkie (Everybody)

A person who is considered to be the favourite of a teacher. Teacher's Pet (School)

A person who's there for you Homeboy (Street slang)

A person whose name cannot be recalled. Whatsisname (Everybody)
'I saw that fella the other day - you know, whatsisname.'

A person with ginger hair Carrot Top (Everybody)

A photograph taken (usually on a mobile phone or tablet device) of one's self. Selfie (Everybody)
'I took a selfie and uploaded it to Facebook.'

A piece of excrement Jobby (Scotland)
'There's a wee Jobby on the pavement'

A problem; Spanner in the Works (Everybody)

A ride on the back of a bicycle Backy (Everybody)
'Gis a Backy on your bike Joe!'

A roll-your-own cigarette Rolly (Everybody)
'All these rollies are making me cough.'

A shifty or crafty character, a con-man. spiv (Everybody)

A short sleep; a nap Forty Winks (Everybody)
'I'm just going upstairs to grab forty winks.'

A slumber party, most commonly used with gay guys. Kiki (Polari)

A Spanish person Spic (Everybody)

A Spanish, Italian or Portuguese person Dago (Everybody)

A spell in prison Stretch (Everybody)
'Judge gave me a two month stretch'

A spot, pimple or boil on the skin Zit (Everybody)
'He's got a big zit on his chin.'

A strong attraction (not necessarily sexual) felt by a girl or woman for another female. Girl Crush (Everybody)

A temper tantrum, explosion of anger Eppy (Everybody)
'Don't have an Eppy!'

A vagina Clunge (Street slang)

A very attractive girl; the presence of very attractive women Top Totty (Public school)
'There was top totty at Ascot this year'

A very fat person Bloater (Everybody)

A very hot curry Ring Stinger (Everybody)

A very large car, most usually 4x4 Chelsea Tractor (London)

A very short time Two Shakes of a Lamb's Tail (Everybody)
'Just wait in the car. I'll be out in two shakes of a lamb's tail.'

A very small space of time Jiffy (Everybody)
'I'll be with you in a jiffy!'

A weak adjective used to accentuate a phrase Flipping (Everybody)
'Flippin' Heck'

A weak or effeminate person, especially male Jessy (Scotland)

A weekend away for a couple, especially involving sex Dirty Weekend (Everybody)

A woman with very small or non-existent breasts. Tit Widow (Everybody)

A woman. Bird (London)
'There were three gorgeous birds in the pub last night.'

A young, attractive girl or woman. Filly

Abdominal muscles. Abs (Everybody)

Above and beyond the call of duty A and B the C of D (Street slang)

Above or Over Aboon (Yorkshire)

Absolutely, utterly, completely Absobloodylutely (Everybody)
'Am I going to Glastonbury this year? Absobloodylutely!'

Acts of aggression or violence that occur on the roads, whilst driving. Road Rage (Everybody)

Afternoon Arvo (Australian)

Afternoon Avvy (Liverpool)

Aggravation; trouble, especially violent trouble Aggro (Everybody)

Alcoholic drink. Booze (Everybody)
'Let's have a party, we'll get some booze and some birds.'

All-day drinking session All-Dayer (Everybody)
'Went to the pub at lunchtime but it turned into an all-dayer'

Alleyway Jigger (Yorkshire)

Alleyway, normally open at the end of a row of houses Snicket (Yorkshire)

Alleyway, usually roofed between houses Ginnel (Yorkshire)

Alright? Ite
'Ite mate?'

Always Allus (Yorkshire)

Amazed Gobsmacked (Everybody)

An affectionate term for the BBC. Auntie Beeb (Everybody)

An alcoholic, especially a homeless alcoholic Wino (Everybody)

An erection of the penis Stiffy (Everybody)

An exclamation, usually of surprise or disgust Jesus Christ

An infertile man Jaffa (London)

An inveterate mastubator Married to Pamela Hand (London)

An Irish person Paddy (Everybody)

An unattractive or older person who dresses like a much younger or better-looking person Mutton Dressed as Lamb (Everybody)
'Look at her in that dress. Talk about mutton dressed as lamb.'

An uncultured, low-class person Ned (Street slang)

An unnecessary trip, often to a desirable destination. Jolly (Everybody)
'My MP has just gone off on a jolly to Bermuda, for a "fact-finding" expedition.'

Annoy Nark (Street slang)
'You're really Narking me off today.'

Annoying woman Mare (Everybody)
'That woman is a silly mare'

Anything Owt (Yorkshire)

Anything sticky and liquid, especially mud, sewage, or hospital food (same thing?) Gloop (Everybody)

Anything very bad; rubbish Dross (Everybody)

Anyway Any Road Up (Yorkshire)

Argument or fight Argy Bargy (Everybody)

Attack of diarrhoea. Montezuma's Revenge (Everybody)

Attractive girl or woman Sort (London)
'I saw Jack last night with a right little sort!'

Attractive girl or woman Bobby Dazzler

Attractive man Dish (Polari)

Attractive woman or women; Totty (Everybody)
'There was some top Totty at the races yesterday!'

Attractive, good Slamming (Street slang)

Attractive, good-looking Dishy (Everybody)

Avoid work or be lazy Skive (Everybody)
'I'm gonna Skive off work today.'

Awful, very bad, or smelly Rank (Street slang)

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