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Haddaway and Shite
Generic expression of disbelief (Newcastle)
'Haddaway and Shite man, you're talking rubbish!'

Hairy Lasso
The female genitalia (Street slang)

Hairy Muff

Fair enough (Street slang)
'"Can't come out mate, no cash innit" "Hairy Muff then"'

Male who is big and hairy, usually oafish (Everybody)
'Three hairy-arsed bikers came into the pub.'

Incomplete, poor or shoddy attempt (Everybody)
'I made a half-arsed attempt at getting a degree, then I dropped out.'

Very drunk (Everybody)
'Went out and got hammered last night!'

Hand Shandy
A masturbatory act (male) (Everybody)

Money (Polari)

Handbags at Dawn
A fight or argument where little or no harm is inflicted. (Everybody)

5 pounds (Cockney)

Hanky Panky
Sex play or sexual intercourse (Everybody)
'We had a bit of hanky panky behind the bicycle sheds.'

Perhaps (Yorkshire)

Tough or aggressive person (especially male), or one who thinks he is tough or good at fighting (Everybody)
'Think you're hard mate? Come outside and we'll see.'

A person (normally male) who is aggressive and good in fights (Everybody)

Have It Off
Have sex with. (Everybody)
'He had it off with that lady from number 99.'

A crazy, insane person (Everybody)
'Watch out for that bloke, he's a complete headcase'

Heave Ho (The)
The act of finishing a relationship or throwing something away. (Don't know)
'Are you still going out with that bird? No, I gave her the heave ho.'

Muscular, well-built (Street slang)

Her Indoors
Wife (London)

Her Majesty’s Pleasure
To be in prison (Everybody)

Him Indoors
Husband (London)

Honey (Yorkshire)
'Ya alreet hinny?'

His Nibs
Phrase used to refer to somebody who the speaker feels is posh or arrogant, or upper class. (Everybody)
'Ooh, look at his nibs over there, in his smart suit.'

Murmuring (Yorkshire)

A person who's there for you (Street slang)

Dancer (Polari)

Nose (Everybody)

Very sexy; feeling very sexy (Everybody)
'Phew I feel horny tonight!'

Horses for Courses
Something that works for one person may not work for another. (Everybody)
'Personally I can't stand oysters but it's horses for courses.'

Ugly woman or girl (Everybody)

How's it hangin?
How are you? (Street slang)

How's Your Father
Sexual intercourse (Everybody)
'I took her to Brighton for the weekend for a few drinks and a bit of how's your father'

To carry a heavy object. (Everybody)
'The furniture removers have been humping stuff about all morning.'

Hump (The)
A bad mood (Everybody)
'Have you got the hump about not getting paid yet?'

Hump Day
Wednesday (Everybody)

Broken or not working properly; in a bad temper (Newcastle)
'That pram's a bit humpty, the wheel's nearly fallen off.'

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