British Street Slang

What's the word on the street? Street slang originates in the housing estates, schoolyards, and youth clubs. It is often a colourful mix of patois and imported words. It also heavily features imported African-Americanisms and borrows from TV and Internet culture.

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A and B the C of D Above and beyond the call of duty (Street slang)

Arse The backside. (Street slang)

B in the D Back in the Day (Street slang)

Babe-magnet A person (or alternatively a car) that has the power to attract women. (Street slang)

Bad Good (Street slang)
'That is well bad, innit!'

Badman Criminal or hard-man (Street slang)

Balling Doing well (Street slang)

Banger Sausage; an old/nearly-broken-down car; (Street slang)
'We're having bangers for tea this Friday!'

Batty Man Gay man (offensive). (Street slang)

Beef Curtains Vagina lips, labia (Street slang)
'I couldn't get my tongue in between her massive Beef Curtains'

BF Boyfriend (Street slang)
'I split up with bf three weeks ago but I can't stop thinking about him.'

Bitching Cool (Street slang)

Blighty Britain (Street slang)

Blood Brother or close friend (Street slang)

Blud Mate, friend (Street slang)

Bovvered Bothered (Street slang)
'Am I bovvered?'

Bredren Close friend (Street slang)

Bro Brother (Street slang)

Bruva from another muther Close friend/associate. (Street slang)

Bugging Crazy or strange behaviour (Street slang)

Caned Stoned, high on drugs, or drunk (Street slang)

Chillax Relax, chill out (Street slang)
'The Prime Minister was Chillaxing at Chequers this weekend.'

Choc Ice Black person who acts or speaks like a white person (Street slang)

Chubb Cool (Street slang)

Clunge A vagina (Street slang)

Cool Beans Cool; good; OK (Street slang)

Creps Stylish shoes (normally trainers) (Street slang)

Croydon Facelift Female hairstyle (Street slang)

Cuss Insult, defame (Street slang)

Dappy Silly, disorganised, lacking concentration. (Street slang)

Do Party (Street slang)
'We're having a bit of a do this weekend.'

donkey Stupid (Street slang)

Douche Bag General insult (Street slang)

Endz Estate, neighbourhood, local area (Street slang)
'Why you down my endz bruv?'

Evils A bad/evil/threatening stare; disapproving look (Street slang)
'You giving me Evils?'

Fam Family member or close friend (Street slang)

Feds Police (Street slang)
'Watch out for da feds, blud'

Fess To own up, to confess (Street slang)
'Did you steal my mobile? Come on mate, fess up'

Filth Police (Street slang)
'Watch out, the Filth are on their way'

Fo shizzle For sure (Street slang)
''Are you tokin tonight'? Fo shizzle '

Fugly Ugly (Street slang)
'Wow, that's a Fugly baby'

Furry Muff
Fair enough (Street slang)

G Gangster (Street slang)

Gash Vagina (Street slang)
'She got a kick in the gash last Friday night'

gf Girlfriend (Street slang)
'I split up with my gf a month ago but I can't stop thinking about her.'

Hairy Lasso The female genitalia (Street slang)

Hairy Muff
Fair enough (Street slang)
'"Can't come out mate, no cash innit" "Hairy Muff then"'

Hench Muscular, well-built (Street slang)

Homeboy A person who's there for you (Street slang)

How's it hangin? How are you? (Street slang)

Innit Isn't it? (Street slang)
'Dat is well good innit.'

Jaspered In a mess, screwed up. (Street slang)
'Completely and utterly jaspered.'

Laters Goodbye (Street slang)

Maccy D's McDonald's - the burger chain (Street slang)

Mashed Very drunk. Very high on drugs. (Street slang)

Meat and Two Veg The male genitalia (Street slang)

Minging Ugly, unattractive, horrible (Street slang)

Monged Very drunk. Very high on drugs. (Street slang)

Mullered Very drunk or stoned (Street slang)
'We was completely mullered last night, mate'

Munter Ugly or promiscuous woman or girl (Street slang)

Nang Good (Street slang)
'That's propa nang you get me?'

Annoy (Street slang)
'You're really Narking me off today.'

Ned An uncultured, low-class person (Street slang)

Nosh Food (Street slang)

Old Skool Old fashioned, dated, retro - not necessarily in a bad way. (Street slang)

Peep Scarf Burqa (Muslim headscarf) (Street slang)

Peng Good looking, attractive (Street slang)
'That girl - is well peng!'

Phat Very good (Street slang)

Piff Good (Street slang)

Pinky 50 pound note (Street slang)

Plonker Idiot (Street slang)

Poontang Sex (Street slang)

Radge Weird, strange (Street slang)
'That's absolutley radge'

Rag Week Menstrual period (Street slang)

Rank Awful, very bad, or smelly (Street slang)

Rocking Very good, excellent (Street slang)
'That car is rocking!'

Safe Good, OK (Street slang)

Safe Blood Brilliant (Street slang)

Shank To stab with a knife. (Street slang)
'I'm gonna shank you up!'

Sick Good (Street slang)
'That film was sick man!'

Skater Hater One who annoys or hassles skateboarders (Street slang)
'Mr. D is a skater hater'

Skunk Strong cannabis weed (Street slang)

Slamming Attractive, good (Street slang)

Snough Sneeze which sounds like a cough or sneezing and coughing after each other. (Street slang)

Soz Sorry (Street slang)
'Soz mate, didn't see you there.'

Squeeze Boyfriend or girlfriend. (Street slang)
'Where's your squeeze?'

Trousers (Street slang)

Stunting To show off (Street slang)

Talk to the Hand I'm not listening (Street slang)

Ting Thing (Street slang)
'What tings did you get from the shop?'

Townie Uncultured young person, possibly who hangs around in town centres (Street slang)

Twerking A female dance involving shaking your booty up and down so that it jiggles, especially in the direction of a male or a camera. (Street slang)

Vanessa Feltz Fifty pounds (Street slang)

Vexed Stressed (Street slang)

Wack Weak, boring (Street slang)
'Dat is so Wack, man'

Wasteman Loser, no-hoper (Street slang)
'That geezer's a double fass wasteman'

Weed Marijuana in weed form (Street slang)
'Colt 45 and two Zig Zags, baby that's all we need. We can go to the park after dark, smoke that tumb'

What You Chattin' About? Shut up, you're talking rubbish (Street slang)

Wicked Good, excellent (Street slang)

Wigger White person who acts or speaks in a fake black way (Street slang)

Wonky Crooked or ill-balanced. (Street slang)
'Got the trolley with the wonky wheel again!'

Word OK/I understand (Street slang)

You Get Me Do you understand? (Street slang)

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