British Jewish/Yiddish Slang

Jewish slang is a phenomena heard the world over. This list attempts to collect all the most popular slang from Jewish and Yiddish speech that is spoken in the UK.

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Bobkes Nothing (Jewish)

Chutzpah Courage, gall, bravery (Jewish)

Facacta Silly, foolish, terrible (Jewish)

Golem Clumsy, slow (Jewish)

Goyim Non-Jewish people (Jewish)

Kvetsh Complain, whine, moan (Jewish)

Meese Plain or ugly (Jewish)

Mensch Important or upstanding person (Jewish)

Meshugenah Mad or crazy (Jewish)

Schlep Go, perhaps reluctantly or slowly (Jewish)

Schnook A gullible person or someone easily fooled. (Jewish)

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